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ABA Treatment for Adolescents & Adults

Adolescent & Adult Services

Improving independent functioning...

We offer behavioral support services, using applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy, that assists in the treatment of behaviors impeding on an individual's ability to engage in skills necessary to achieve independent functioning. More specifically ABA therapy is used to assist adolescents and adults in the development of life skills aimed at increasing autonomy with day-to-day activities. One of our specialty areas is autism treatment; however,  our community of experts is also highly skilled in addressing deficits that are characteristic of other intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Key characteristics of behavioral support services...

  • Assessment. As part of behavioral support services, each client will receive an assessment to assist the behavior analyst in developing an individualized plan aimed at addressing behaviors of concern and teaching replacement behaviors. 

  • Recommendation for treatment hours. Each client will receive individualized recommendations for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly treatment sessions. Treatment hours can be up to 10 hours a month and sessions are typically no longer than 2 hours, depending upon the funding source. 

  • Hands-on caregiver training. The ultimate objective of behavioral support services is to assist our clients in remaining in the least restrictive environment, which is often a home setting (i.e., home with a guardian, a group home, etc.). To do so, the community of experts at The Outcomes Place Therapy & Consulting Services model and train on the implementation of the strategies detailed in the treatment plan. This can be provided, with consent, to every member of a client's support team.

Treatment delivered by experts...

Highly trained board-certified and licensed behavior analysts (BCBA/LBA) and registered behavior technicians (RBT) that make up our care teams are committed to providing insight and guidance in order to assist in helping our clients achieve meaningful outcomes. To learn more about the range of services we offer please visit our Services page. To learn more about our community of experts, visit our About Us page or Our Community of Experts page. Reach out today to get more details or to get started on the journey to meaningful outcomes!  

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