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Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) as the Expert of
ABA Treatment & Consulting

For families in need of a skilled behavior analyst, The Outcomes Place ABA Therapy & Consulting Services' community of experts includes board-certified and licensed behavior analysts skilled in various areas in order to provide high-quality care, guidance, and support to the communities we serve.


Education and experience...

Our community of expert behavior analysts (BCBA) has the education and experience to meet our mission of helping our clients achieve meaningful life outcomes. All of our BCBAs hold a master's degree in ABA, or Psychology, education, or a related field with a concentration in ABA. Additionally, all have completed the required coursework and experience hours. as well as, sat for and passed the BCBA exam. The Outcomes Place is proud to offer treatment led by BCBAs with competency in the following areas: 

  • Treating symptoms of autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

    • Language and communication skill development​

    • Impeding behavior(s) reduction

    • Self-regulation and flexibility development

    • Social-emotional skill building

  • Developing treatment programs for individuals with the simultaneous presentation of an intellectual/developmental diagnosis and a medical or genetic condition(s). 

  • Treatment for individuals without a formal diagnosis.

    • Treatment that focuses on executive skills coaching and reducing behaviors that impede independent functioning.​

  • Addressing ADHD and anxiety.​

  • Caregiver, educator, and service provider training.

  • Organization performance management. 

  • Treatment development for adolescent and adult populations. 

  • Maintaining professional and collaborative relationships with all members of a support team (i.e., caregivers, case managers, educators, medical and other therapeutic providers, foster parents, etc.). 

Committed to a humanistic approach and a lifetime of learning...

To be humanistic in our approach means that we acknowledge that there are autistic people who did not have the positive experience with ABA that we seek to provide for the families we serve. It is with their experiences in mind that The Outcomes Place commits to ongoing assessment of our policies and procedures to ensure we have an environment that promotes safety, transparency, collaboration, and cultural proficiency. We understand that this will also take a continuous evaluation of ourselves and our personal values, an honest understanding of how that affects the services we provide, and the education necessary to address our areas for growth. This is the journey in which all members that make up the community of The Outcomes Place ABA Therapy & Consulting Services will have to take, which is one of the things we are most proud of and excited about. The continuous growth of individual team members directly influences the growth of our clients.


To learn more about our highly skilled BCBAs and registered behavior technicians (RBTs), visit our About Us page. Reach out today to get more details or to get started on the journey to meaningful outcomes!   

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