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Jovan Phillips, Founder and Clinical Director

“Ultimately, we seek to produce positive outcomes for the families we serve while changing the narrative and the field for the better.”


My name is Jovan Phillips. I am the Owner and Clinical Director of The Outcomes Place. I have dedicated the last 14 years of my career to the study and implementation of applied behavior analysis (ABA) across various settings, age groups, and diagnoses. I am proud to have developed my knowledge and skillset over the years beginning as a behavior therapist and growing into a board-certified and licensed behavior analyst. 

I have gained valuable experience providing ABA services in-home, in-clinic, in schools/daycares, group homes, day habilitation centers, and in ABA organizations with the responsibility of optimizing operational and clinical practices.  My experiences paired with my innate passion for working with autistic individuals and individuals with differing abilities led me to do something meaningful and new. I started The Outcomes Place with a desire to develop a business model that provides support and resources to clinicians seeking a work environment that allows them to focus on the outcomes of the treatment they provide. Achieving progress through providing family-centered, culturally proficient care. 

I look forward to meeting you!

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Our Focus is on Outcomes. Our Purpose is Progress.

Meet The Professionals

Board-Certified/Licensed Behavior Analyst (BCBA/LBA)

ABA therapy is led by a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA). In some states (including Texas!), BCBAs are also required to maintain a state license to practice. BCBAs complete assessments, develop treatment plans, and provide ongoing training and supervision to registered behavior technicians (RBT).  They also closely monitor your child’s treatment in order to make data-driven modifications as needed to produce and maintain progress. Your BCBA will meet with you regularly to discuss progress, address any areas of concern, and provide hands-on training.

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Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)

Registered behavior technicians (RBTs) must be credentialed through the same certification board as BCBAs. While they are not required to be licensed, they must maintain their credential through ongoing competency training. RBTs work 1:1 with your child and implement their individual treatment plan. They also work closely with your BCBA to monitor your child’s response to treatment. RBTs are a vital part of the treatment team as they also serve to assist with communicating the objectives of programs, as well as, model their implementation and provide informative session reviews.

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