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ABA Treatment for Children with Autism

The Outcomes Place ABA Therapy & Consulting Services is committed to helping those in need gain access to high-quality care to address the symptoms of autism.


Evidence-based treatment...

Evidence-based means that applied behavior analysis (ABA) is empirically backed, or supported by extensive research that established the effectiveness of the principles and methodologies of behavior analysis. The U.S. Surgeon General has deemed ABA the only evidence-based treatment for autism. 


Key characteristics of ABA treatment...

  • Individualized recommended treatment hours. Treatment hours are recommended based on the results of a comprehensive assessment. More specifically, the supervising behavior analyst will determine the number of hours necessary to effectively address the deficits identified during the assessment and lead to meaningful outcomes. Treatment fall into two categories:

    • Comprehensive ABA Treatment- Characterized by 30-40 treatment hours in which treatment focuses on addressing deficits in all domains (i.e., language/communication, social-emotional, cognitive, and adaptive functioning). ​

    • Focused ABA Treatment-Characterized by 10-25 treatment hours in which treatment focuses on specific target behaviors (i.e., replacement behaviors for behaviors of concern, functional skills, etc.). 

  • Clinical direction.  Clinical direction, or case supervision, is characterized by the collection of activities the supervising behavior analyst engages in to ensure treatment is effectively addressing deficits and targeted goals are being met. ​

  • Caregiver support. An important element of ABA treatment that is characterized by the participation and training of caregivers with the objective of generalizing treatment gains. To learn more about caregiver support, visit here

Treatment delivered by experts...

Highly trained board-certified and licensed behavior analysts (BCBA/LBA) and registered behavior technicians (RBT) that make up our care teams are committed to providing insight and guidance in order to assist in helping our clients achieve meaningful outcomes. To learn more about the range of services we offer please visit our Services page. To learn more about our community of experts, visit our About Us page. Reach out today to get more details or to get started on the journey to meaningful outcomes!  

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