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We Feel Our Purpose is Producing Positive Outcomes for the Families We Serve...

Now Providing Services In Clinic!


Data drives our clinical decisions and our business practices. 


Treatment that fits the unique needs of the families we serve. 


Extending the reach of high-quality ABA services.


Committed to the progress of our clients and our team. 

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Welcome to 
The Outcomes Place!

Our Focus is Outcomes. Our Purpose is Progress.


We offer high-quality applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy and consulting services to produce positive, lasting, and meaningful change in the lives of those we serve. We understand that everyone we serve is unique and deserves a therapy plan that is tailored to their needs and goals. Using proven methods, we encourage autonomy through teaching skills such as self-regulation, communication, and flexibility to expand access to desired environments and address behaviors that impede the further development of language and other skills necessary for independent functioning. 

We pride ourselves on being committed to cultural diversity and cultural proficiency. We believe that individual cultural preferences, practices, and traditions should be key factors when designing a treatment plan. We understand that cultural influences impact how individuals develop and function in our society. This understanding plays a key role in the unique approach we take with your child's treatment.

Our mission is to extend access to high-quality ABA services that are effective and sensitive to the socio-cultural influences of the members of the communities we serve, in a way that promotes independence and improved quality of life



Now Providing Services In Clinic!

"The first thing to do before anything else...treat people with RESPECT!"
                                                                   - Jose Martinez-Diaz, Ph.D., BCBA-D
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Home & Community-based 
ABA Therapy 

Caregiver Support
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Behavioral Support Services
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